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Neck Pain

At our Central Jersey clinic, that's only a few minutes from Bucks County, we offer non-invasive regenerative medicine therapies that treat the root cause of your neck pain. Your neck supports the weight of your head and makes many of your body’s movements possible. An injury or chronic pain in your neck disrupts your daily function. But we won’t let that go on any longer.

Our goal is to develop an all-natural pain relief treatment plan tailored to your specific condition in order to get you back to normal without surgery and medication.

Neck Pain Relief Central Jersey

Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain symptoms often involve pain that radiates to other parts of the body, such as the head, shoulders, arms, hands, and back. Pain and stiffness in your neck when turning your head from side to side may also lead to severe headaches, a pinched nerve in the neck, nerve pain, or cervical pain that travels down the legs.

If you are experiencing any of these chronic pain symptoms, and you are wondering how to relieve your pain, don’t wait to see a qualified doctor. Left untreated, neck pain can lead to intense body discomfort and prevent you from enjoying your favorite daily activities or even from working productively. A better course of action is to get specialized pain relief treatment to ensure that there aren't more serious issues.

Severe Neck Pain Treatment

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell injections work with your body’s ability to restore degenerated tissue. Stem cell injections ease pain and restore mobility by supplying damage muscles, bones, or nerves in the neck with healing agents. Stem cells repair broken down cells or replace them to support your internal structures. The injectable also helps lubricate joints and tendons that are weak, stretched, or degraded.

Cervical Pain Relief Princeton
We use mesenchymal stem cells that are derived from umbilical allografts, which we source from tissue banks that process the tissue under accordance with FDA and AATB regulations and standards. These cells are youthful, effective, and contain anti-inflammatory and healing properties to get you fast pain relief.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

PRP is a concentration of platelets that are many times greater than what is typically found in your blood. Platelets contain growth factors made of hundreds of proteins that can aid in healing degenerative conditions. A small amount of your blood is collected and processed to separate platelets. Once delivered to the site of your cervical pain (e.g., a muscular knot or diseased cervical disc), PRP enhances healing in muscles, tendons, and ligaments to give you long-lasting pain relief.

Laser Therapy
Cold laser treatment combines electric stimulation and cold laser technology into an effective neck treatment that uses low-intensity light to soothe muscular tightness and heal injured cells.

Chiropractic Care

We can treat a sore neck and many other conditions with non-invasive procedures like chiropractic care. Our chiropractor can help you to get fast pain relief from misalignment and even pinched nerves after a simple spine adjustment.

Neck Pain Causes

Cervical pain may be caused by muscle strain, arthritis, or trauma, such as an auto accident. Your pain may also be caused by twisting, jerking, or other abrupt head movements. Other pain causes include infection and irritation of the cervical nerve roots.

Rather than just treating your symptoms, our medical clinic focuses on performing a comprehensive assessment to determine the source of your pain. We design effective pain treatments to alleviate the cause of your distress.

If you are looking for natural pain relief for neck pain in Pennington, Princeton, Mercer County or any nearby area in Central Jersey, or Bucks County, Pa, call our medical clinic today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

We can jump start your personal healing process to free you from your pain with the best treatments available. Call us for a free consultation.
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